Android App wont upload to Endomondo or Sports website

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My Tomtom Runner 2 will not upload to Endomondo and also I have recently changed android phone and some of my workouts are missing from the app and on Mysports. I have signed in on all formats and yet nothing seems to be transferring/uploading. I have been using Endomondo for years and its frustrating not to be able to log recent workouts on there.
Can someone help?


  • Ekman
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    Hi there offspin85, and welcome to the Community!

    If your activities are not uploaded to and visible on then it sounds like something the watch is not syncing at all. What does it say in the app when you try to sync?
    Also, have you tried syncing your watch through TomTom Sports Connect on a computer, and what does it say there?

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    / Jonatan