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I bought my Golfer 2 SE 1 month ago. GPS data of my home golf Course in Germany "Maria Bildhausen" have been correct during the first two weeks. But afterwards the GPS data Show the golf Course like before 2012, means before reconstruction.
I reported this situationvia TomTom Connection but no answer. What can I do?


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    Hi there KKn, and welcome to the Community!

    If the golf course data is inaccurate, you can try to first manually update your Golfer 2 by connecting it to a computer with TomTom Sports Connect installed. If this doesn't change the course information you get, then I would recommend reporting the inaccuracies through our feedback form here:

    I hope this helps, but just let us know if you have any more questions or suggestions here!

    All the best,
    / Jonatan
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    Hi Jonatan,

    I updated my Golfer 2 SE of Course.
    Yesterday I returned the watch to the vender “fonq”. Fonq will return the watch to TomTom customer service to give them the possibility to analyse the problem.

    But again: The watch worked perfectly during the first around 10 days. I use the computer connection as well as the smartphone app. After this time the watch gave me the wrong GPS coordination of GC Maria Bildhausen.

    If you look to the user manual page 9 you will find the following instruction:

    “A soft reset is performed each time you disconnect your watch from a wall charger or computer.”

    But, I also used the power off function in connection with TomTom Sports Connect (see page 9).

    “Power-off reset“

    At the end I used the factory reset function as described on page 10.

    “A factory reset reinstalls the software on your watch and this removes the following:”

    After this operation I thought I could get the status when I bought the watch. I played some holes of GC Maria Bildhausen, but he GPS data have been as before.

    Next step: I had my 2 years old Garmin S 2 with me – thanks God. I used this watch for the rest of the round. Perfect!

    And afterwards I returned the watch.

    I entered requests in the TomTom forum but ….

    Let’s see what will happen now.

    Best regards and again thanks for your response