My new map has not appeared on my device

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I connected my One (3rd edition) to the PC, downloaded the new map, and got a message saying it had worked. However when I unplug the device and look for the new map it is not there, just the old maps are. Is there another step I need to do?


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    So, I can't do it then? It would have been nice if TomTom had asked me what device I had before I paid for the map. Also, it did let me download it onto the device, which seems odd, if they knew it would not work.

    Will TomTom refund me the money I paid for the map? Can anyone tell me where to ask for that please? Every time I look for their email address I just keep getting directed to this forum. (The email in the confirmation email did not work either)
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    Do NOT respond when asked for your model and a live agent will pick up ..... or is supposed to.