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I'm training for Dublin, Ireland marathon so long training runs are up 3 hours. I don't want to listen to music constantly during my run. I find turning music on at certain point helps motivate me during pace drop of in latter stages.
If I connect headphones at start of run and just pause music the headphone battery runs low plus music is choppy dropping in and out. I know TomTom suggest re-pairing everytime with headphones (at least this is my experience, as just connecting never works out well) but you seem to only be able to do this before workout starts. I have sports cardio music watch with TomTom headphones. Any ideas or suggestions.


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    Unfortunately you cannot pair headphones while in an activity, but I have found that having them paused does not use much battery life as much of the battery of the headphone is going towards playing music, very little is used on standby. Your only real option is to start the activity, pause the music and then restart it when you are ready, leaving the headphones on. I would experiment with it a bit as I tested this exact scenario and found having it on pause did not reduce battery life.

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  • DavidGillDavidGill Posts: 9 [Master Traveler]
    Unfortunately I've already tried this option, as running for 3 hours I find un-pausing music it drops out and is choppy. This could be due to low battery or not. For me this is not a workable solution. I'd prefer TomTom to come up with better solution. Normally with Bluetooth stuff it auto finds and connects relatively easily when turned on. I expect TomTom to be able to do something on this.
    Either way I appreciate you taking the time and your reply.
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    I would not expect any change on this front. It as not changed in the 2+ years the watch has been out and TT is getting out of the wearables business reportedly, so I expect updates will be few and far between go forward. In any case, TomTom will not comment on planned or future updates publicly (here or elsewhere) so we will just have to wait and see.

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