Spark or Adventurer?

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I have been using a TomTom Spark for a couple of years training for triathlons. I think its a great watch as it quickly finds the gps, it works great for all the three segments even though swimming doesnt give distance when swimming in open water. I understand the difficulty with gps in the water but it would be great if the watch could use the history of your swimming strokes and calculate an approx distance. In short i'm really happy with my spark. Now i was thinking that i get a new one but not sure if i go for the spark 3 or the adventurer. Spark i know so i guess same same with some added functions, but anyone here using Adventurer training running, cycling and swimming with the odd gym pass in between that see great benefits over the spark?



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    All the Adventurer adds is a barometric altimeter and the ability to follow trails, along with a few more sports modes. It is not a huge difference. I would caution you to consider your decision carefully as TomTom is reportedly getting out of the wearables business so you may be buying into a dead device and ecosystem.

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