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New software v1.6.26 available for download



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    The original post (first post in this topic) has a link to the Fitness Age (Points) and VO2 max, including everything you need to know.

    If you cannot access that link for whatever the reason, here is some documentation from Tom Tom.


    There could be three reasons to this:
    It could take some time to calculate your Fitness Age from your recent activity data. Within a week you should see it appearing as a card on your ‘Latest’ feed. You can speed up this process by doing more activities (especially running). You’ve seen your Fitness Age before, but the Fitness Age card no longer appears: This means your Fitness Age did not change. We show your Fitness Age card in ‘Latest’, after some time this will no longer be visible. We’ll show you your Fitness Age again as soon as it changes. If you do want to see your latest Fitness Age you can go to ‘Progress’ and filter on ‘Body’ (you can do this is in the header of the graph), at the bottom of the graph Fitness Age is one of the graphs you can select.
    If you’re not very fit (yet!), we give an indication of how fit you are compared to the general female or male of your age, for example Your fitness level is lower than 85% of the average male of your age. This should give more information and also be more motivational to get going and make a change.

    So you don't really say how many fitness points you have been getting. Perhaps you earned just too little for it to even give you a valid Fitness Age/V02max. Also check your Personal profile details, Date of birth, Weight, Gender. Tom Tom suggests you try 3 activities per week aiming to score 500 fitness points per activity on a weekly basis - after some time - you should then see something.

    Why if when I check my points and click on the points bubble does it say my fitness age and VO2 is improving.
    Surely my fitness age should be shown, if not its a very poor system.
    I can only assumme there was a bug when I updated the latest software.
    If not TOMTOM have alot to answer for and should reply to my email about this.
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