Radars are working online

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should change this because without the Internet there is no way to know about speed cameras. Can someone please suggest this in the next update


  • aemaldi
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    I think so: one of the main advantages of Tom Tom Go - Android over other apps is that Tom Tom Go can work without internet connection.

    But one of the main advantages of GPS Navigation (detect speed cameras) with Tom Tom Go need internet connection? Annoying...

    Must be included in the offline navigation...
  • Asprin
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    @Erisvaldo30 and aemaldi,

    How else are you going to have REAL TIME Traffic and Speed Cams without being online???

    Most if not all GPS apps and standalone GPS units will all go to that somewhere down the line.

    If you want real time data you will need internet connect.......

    Most comments are made about speed cams.

    Why not just go the speed limit and that solves any heavy foot driving........:?