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Does anyone have issues with the voice directions being incredibly difficult to follow? I am repeatedly getting things like: "Keep left, turn right"; "Keep left, bear right"; and times that it tells me to leave the motorway and then telling me to get back on the motorway. It tells me constantly to exit and then tells me to re-enter. It tells me to keep right, when it is only telling to remain on the road that I am already on. I am sure I can stay on the road until I need to turn, I don't need to be reminded to stay on that road. What about strange directions? At a hotel I was staying at in Manchester, UK, it told me the fastest route to get there was through the pick and drop off area at the airport. Anyone else have some incredibly wrong directions? Also, I have checked fastest times and it takes me on routes that are definitely slower than the fastest route.


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    Are you using the latest (970) map? Yes, the 'keep left' is irritating to be sure. We get it here as well in North America. Needless instructions when NOT taking a major exit from the roadway/highway you are already on. One learns to ignore it.

    The IQ routing aspect of the algorithm also results in the off the highway, back on the highway because of misinterpretation of data associated with the map.

    Nothing is perfect, eh?
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    Unfortunately, the number of misdirections and odd directions, when compared other brands cannot be readily written off with "Nothing is perfect". The number of years that TT has had to work on these issues, the amount of feedback they have gotten indicates other issues present within the company. Their unwillingness to address these issues and correct them to make the product more usable is at the heart of the problem and should not be dismissed so lightly.

    I am using the latest maps and travel to a number of countries. I use my GPS/SatNav a great deal. I traveled more than 1000 miles in the last week in the UK alone. I have been using these for more than 10 years and have found older models of other brands, more than 10 years old, to be more usable with more options for finding destinations, with more locations and less confusing directions. The TomTom doesn't even come close.
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    Bringing this subject back from the dead !!!

    I too am having difficulty with the voice directions. 'Turn right / left' instead of 'bear right/left'.

    The other week I had a hospital appointment at a hospital I have never been to before so depended heavily on the sat nav. Going along the road but bearing right / left were 'turn.........'. At the most significant and busiest point it told me to 'turn left' and just at that point there was a left turn so I did as told only to be told to turn around where possible !!!! Not possible for the next 3 kms and then no entry back into the previous road. It transpired that instead of 'turn left' it should have been 'keep left'.
    I ended up being 40 minutes for my appointment !!

    It seems that after all these years sat navs are still leading people round the bend. Maybe TomTom should concentrate more on the quality and improvement of their directions than the graphics and prettiness of the device.
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