Has the GPS lost it's reliability? Potential fix anyone?

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I have been frequently performing a 1.5 mile run. In recent months the end point of this run is getting further and further away despite nothing changing in terms of route. I noticed this change a few patches ago and it has got worse as time has gone on and the end point (1.5 mile mark) has creeped further away. Since I'm testing myself accuracy is important as I'm unsure to whether I can trust the results i get.

Important notes, my car pedometer measures 1.5 mile to where the original end point was. And running route planner sites also have 1.5 mile at where it was originally.


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    No answers, but if you examine your routes on (say) a PC screen, is there anything else about them that looks odd? Eg. do they wiggle around more than they used to, or is it just the end point that's different? Is the end point moving in a straight line, or random?
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