TomTom Rider 410/450 Condensation

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Why can't TomTom build a Rider 410/450 without condensation appearing behind the screen?

My 410 has been replaced approx 5 times in a year, eventually I was given a 450....same as all the others, non of my units have seen water or had a wash :) but on a nice warm day, the dreaded condensation appears, come on guys....surely you can fix this ?

Its spoiling a great product!!


  • Jorid
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    Same issue whit mine. TomTom Rider 410(jan.2017)already send back with no result.

    Let me guess. TomTom's assembly is taking place in a very very moist environment. Like a 70-90% moist that can't damp out after assembly? then we use it in a milder climate and colder climate and it will show the moist that is already inside the unit. So, maybe, to TomTom. Open it, put it in a dry chamber or vacuum chamber and clean the moist out that way. After assembly it maybe better whitout condensation behind the screen.
  • Paul.R.F.
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    I used my 400 today and got the dreaded condensation and can't figure out why as it has never done it before. Will be ringing customer service tomorrow. Very disappointing.
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    Have the same dreaded problem of condensation. They are now issuieing my money back aftet being back 3 times and have admitted they have a problem with condensation.
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    My replacement Rider 450 was exchanged for a brand new retail packaged unit - within a few days it has started to mist up, so even the latest units still have this issue unfortunately
  • Waynee
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    My 450 has done it every time I get it anywhere near rain or hose. Each time I've taken it apart with the small screwdrivers available for mobile phones and dried it out.
    I'm pretty certain now that the moisture is entering through the rear speaker holes.
    I'll be sealing them up with silicone this time and we'll see how we go.
    Paranoid about any hint of moisture sitting in there as we know moisture and electronics don't mix!
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    Waynee - great you can fix the problem. Do you have also any solution for the hoarse voice over bluetooth and long syncing with mobile phone?
    Tomtom devices needs man like you!
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    Waynee wrote:
    I'm pretty certain now that the moisture is entering through the rear speaker holes.
    If that is the case then anyone riding a naked bike in the rain will have problems as the rain is hitting the back of the device with some force ( rain at 70 mph is pretty hard :-) )
    So it will be force into the speaker aperture. I have not had much of a problem with mine so far but I'm on a R1200RT and I replaced the Factory Garmin mount with a Tomtom one so it is well protected from direct rain