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TomTom Runner 2 update V 1.6.26 - step count & Get going screen

hamsterfutehamsterfute Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
I just updated the firmware of my watch because required by Tomtom Sports Connect but from this moment, when I click on the left, instead of having the screen of the number of steps, I can see a Get Going screen. I noticed that to obtain the daily number of steps, I have to click down. When I have this screen, it still displays the number of steps but the indicator of the daily threshold to make doesn't show and the alarm when this threshold is reached doesn't work anymore. What should I do to solve all this?


  • WoldsWayWalkerWoldsWayWalker Posts: 21 [Outstanding Explorer]
    I got that too, but for some reason and I don't know what I did, the situation has remedied itself and the steps now appear as the first click left. Whether it will stay like this I know not. It may be that doing an exercise actually removes that prompt for that day - I'll find out tomorrow.
  • cheekychimpcheekychimp Posts: 209
    On a factory reset or even an upgrade to 1.6.26 may result in the Settings >Tracker>Goals>Points as the default.

    If this happens to you then just switch the Goals to Steps or whatever Goals you had prior to your upgrade. Note that on non cardio watches there is no points in this menu nor in the watch itself.
  • hamsterfutehamsterfute Posts: 2 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Oh wooooooooow! Touché! It was the solution... Nice to have an expert's point of view.
  • TomFanTomFan Posts: 53 [Outstanding Explorer]
    What kind of points are they? Fitness?
  • cheekychimpcheekychimp Posts: 209
    TomFan wrote:
    What kind of points are they? Fitness?

    Yes, Fitness Points.
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