Run data shows as Activity (no ttbin files available)

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I've just been for a run and all seemed fine. Throughout the run my TT Spark 3 showed data throughout (pace, time, heart rate, etc) so I know it was in running mode OK

However, when I tried to sync to the app it failed a few times, and then when it did eventually sync, it only showed the distance as an "activity", which means it's not giving any of the run data (which is annoying as I had a PB)

I saw this post which mentioned looking for ttbin files:

However, I don't seem to have any.

My folder is called "TomTom Sports" (rather than "TomTom MySports" as mentioned in the earlier post) - not sure if that's relevant but inc in case it is.

The only 2 files present in that folder are:
* deviceinfo.dat
* preferences.dat
(I have hidden files & folders set to be visible)

Any ideas?


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    Hi. When you say is failed to sync with the app do you mean the Mobile App on your phone or Sports Connect program on your computer? When you sync with your phone the .ttbin files will be on your phone and not your computer. If you used your computer and the upload failed then there would be a "Try again" button the Settings page of Sports Connect. After a successful upload on your computer the .ttbin files are in [home dir]/TomTom Sports/[watch name]/[date]

    I can see (at least) 4 uploads yesterday to your account, which is incorrect?