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To set the record straight, we need to point out a few things.

First, despite the naysayers, there is a lot more market share in Linux than first realized. All of Apple's OS's are now Linux-based. A major part of the Internet runs on Linux servers (even on Microsoft's own servers). More devices in the world operate on Linux than all other OS's combined. There are more different distributions (brands?) of Linux than any other brand. And that does not count versions within distros.

Say, even some brands of GPS devices use it too. Well, how about that.

So for there not to be a map updater for a TomTom device programmed in a way to make it cross-platform compatible is...what's the word?.... oh yeah that would be "Stupid". Shame on TomTom.

Linux-based programming is better, safer, faster and more readily transportable than any other, as well as more modern. Why would anyone waste their programming budget on an archaic methodology may indicate that there is a forward-thinking leadership vacuum in the company.

You want to make it even more bizarre? Consider that the version used for the Mac is already an easy port.

Let us no forget to point out the very poor software usability as it is now. It is almost impossible to note and make a change in the mistakes we find in the mapping, naming of roads and pronunciation of same of the existing maps as one travels along.

As the man said, "Curiouser and curiouser".


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    (To be precise, macOS is not Linux. It’s using the BSD code base, it’s a certified Unix 03 operating system. The core of macOS, the open source set of components is knows as Darwin...)
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    TomTom have now got round this computer operating system conundrum by offering devices that update directly via WiFi, so there no chance that they will think about a Linux version, of any flavour.
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    I should have wrote "Unix" and all its derivatives. My bad.

    I don't think mine is the only non-wifi model in use or that we should all throw away our old devices and buy new ones from a company that failed us before.