Can TomTom crash on a specific gps location?

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I'm having a peculiar issue with my Android Go app.
When I drive from my home to the highway the TomTom App crashes (and restarts automagicly) every time when I drive a a specific location...
Could it be that something in the map causes this?
By the way it is only when I drive towards the highway, not when I drave back home....

Really weird...


  • Yemble
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    You would think not, however, I do recall something similar happening to me a couple of years ago at a particular remote spot close to where we were hoidaying in Scotland. Never had it before, nor since, but I recall it happening consistently at that one location for the duration of that holiday. Obviously that was with an earlier version of TT Go Mobile.

    I had forgotton all about it, but your post brought it all back :8
  • AlbanT
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    I'm planning, but I keep forgetting it, to drive a different route next time to see if it really is the location rather than the duration.
    Although I have never had this issue driving home from somewhere. Only driving from home to somewhere....