Avantree HM100P Headset- RIDER 450

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I recently bought this headset, and it works well with the Rider 450. It uses Bluetooth 2.1. Pairing was easy. After 5 days of long rides, I have not experienced the "hoarse" problem. I have also paired it with my Android 4.2 phone and I have sent and received calls.
It only cost 70 CAD, so the price is right.

If you read reviews, you may see complaints that the volume is too low. One complainer said that he uses ear plugs. Without ear plugs, the volume is good.

I don't think that the audio quality is good enough for music. I haven't tried this.

One annoyance: if it loses connectivity, the volume resets to an inaudible level, so I try to keep the 450 in range when I stop riding.


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    One more point:
    I bought the 450 immediately before departing on a gentle 15000km jaunt from Ontario to Alaska and back. I did not get live traffic working before I left. Since this seems to be a factor in the "hoarse" problem, you should probably disregard my previous inference that the headset is immune.
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    BTW My original title for this thread was "Avantree HM100P Headset". An administrator changed the title. I do not consider the change to be appropriate.
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    I previously reported that the headset does not remember the volume level. After 6 weeks of intense use, I have not replicated this problem. I must have been doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I have set the volume to maximum, and the headet remembers this setting.
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