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I have a cardio multisport. I recently did a progression run for the first time, and liked the experience. I was running with a fellow runner that runs about the same pace as I do, and during the run we followed the pace his garmin was dictating. I had my watch in run mode, and just used to control the pace it was showing.
So then I came home, hooked up the watch and was able to see my progression run on My run on the web site showed nicely each 1km with a faster pave. But I'd like my tomtom to help me during a progression run. What I would like my cardio to do is the following:

1. set how many 1km stretches I want to do
2. have the watch notify me, either by vibrating or beeping, ideally both, when I complete each 1km
3. display the pace for each of the 1km I run, during that 1km
4. Ideally, also allow me to pre-program the pace I want to run each of the 1kms

so for example, I want to do 10 1kms at the following paces:

km pace
1 6:00
2 5:50
3 5:40
9 4:40
10 4:30

If I could pre-program that, then I'd want my cardio multisport to tell me, based on the pace it measures during the run of each 1km, whether I am ahead of my pace for the interval, i. e. running faster than I should be, or wether I need to step up because I am slower than I should be.

So.... is anything like that possible with a cardio multisport?

Many thanks.


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    It is not currently possible and even if they add it, it is not likely to come to the Multisport as the watch is no longer in production and is not getting any more updates apparently. Any structured workout modes they add would be for newer devices only.

    I imagine this is not what you were hoping to hear but let me know if this answered your question. If it did, please mark it as a solution so other can look for it if they have the same question.
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    So no, simply saying no it's not possible hardly counts as a solution. While it is true that the multisport cannot be pre-programmed to in advance to guide your pace through each interval, the next best thing possible with it is this:

    Set it to lap mode, distance based for 1km each lap. Then during the run, the watch will let you know, with a beep and vibration, that you have just completed a new km. It is then on you to speed up a bit as you complete each km. The usual pace read out on the watch can be used to gauge whether you are on track or not.

    The downside I find to that is that the watch pace read out varies wildly at times.
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    If you choose 'lap pace' rather than 'current pace' for these runs you'll get a pretty accurate measure of your average pace within that km so you know whether you're on target, need to speed up, slow down etc.
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