Point of interests- Mapshare report ID pending

studiotonstudioton Posts: 1 [New Traveler]
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Hi all .. I have successfully made point of interes for my company from mapshare tool , id : d2381d70-beff-4cd1-b151-623fe8a8f82b , current status is pending. How long it takes time to be accepted and import to maps ? Thank you in advance


  • RobbiebotRobbiebot Posts: 197 TomTom Employee
    Hi studioton,

    As explained in my response to the private message you sent me, how quick the report will be resolved depends largely on region, and several other factors.
    However, for the fix to show in the commercial map product, could take a few months, as we are currently on a quarterly map update release cycle.

    Kind Regards,
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