UK motorways - M8 Link & M1 J11a

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As Google Maps and the official map have both these new UK motorway developments in place might it be good for TomTom to catch up? Both are there to ease congestion so if a TomTom navigation device does not know about them how are we as users getting good value from our lifetime maps and Live subscriptions? If TomTom wants to lead the mapping market it isn't doing a particularly good job of it. Perhaps I should ditch it and just use Google Maps on my Android device, the cost in mobile data is likely to be less than the cost of a Live subscription.

Neither of these new pieces of significant infrastructure roads (around £600M of UK Government investment between them!) are on the latest map issue which I have downloaded today (20/8/17) and both have been opens since about April 2017. Appalling service!


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    Agree about M8 link. I returned from Edinburgh to the South on Monday 14th Aug setting fastest routing using TomTom Trucker. I was very surprised and disappointed to see it showing us driving across green fields with a dotted line to the nearest main road away off to the right when we were in fact on a very well established motorway route.
    Come on TomTom you're still losing the battle on map quality and timely updates.
    Im even considering now using my dashcam files to see how I can capture these differences on a map / geo tag so I can transfer them to Map Reporter at later date. No device feature to tag such differences. Backward step.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for reporting this!

    We just released the new v995 maps last week. Have you check if this has been fixed on that? Should that not be the case, you can report this directly to the map team with the MapShare Reporter.

    Please note, that the truck maps will be updated a bit later.

    Cheers, Mikko
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