Longest Drive Ever

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I played a round today, but according to my Golfer 2, I had a tee shot 6235969 yards long. Yes I shot all the way from UK to Mid Africa. What is going on?
On a serious note, I am beginning to doubt the scoring capability of Golfer 2 and its yardage records. My Garmin handheld does it a lot better. The only good thing about the Golfer 2 is for its range finder capability. But you can get the capability with a cheap Garmin hand golf watch. I am so disappointed with it. Come on TomTom, you can do better that this. If you ask me, I wouldn't recommend this watch for what its supposed to do. Its not really good value for money.


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    does it look like this???

    No fix for it but at least i still have the longest drive record ;)

    Annoying as you have to delete the whole round otherwise it skews your averages
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    Ha ha you beat me for the longest drive. Yes that's what I got as well showing the globe.