Replacing an existing TomTom

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I'm not sure this is the proper place for this issue. I have not been able to find a website dealing with this bid for help. I have 2 old models (ONE 3rd edition & XL330-S), both (over)due for replacement. My research indicates a replacement model would best come from the VIA line of TomToms. I want to compare the various available units, however, the COMPARE function on the TomTom product page doesn't appear to be working. I would appreciate any feedback that might be helpful to me in determining my next move. Thanks.


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    When I click on 'compare' on the Canadian site, it leads to this:
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    Your result is the same as mine. Perhaps I'm expecting a different response for a COMPARE. Other sites allow the selection of a number of choices and then they are compared side by side in detail. Such does not seem to be the case with TomTom. Thanks for responding.
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    Hi dobrphi,

    I checked the compare button on the product page of the TomTom website, it provides the comparison between the latest VIA, GO 52, GO 520/620 series devices followed by basic VIA devices with Lifetime maps.

    The website only allows you to compare the products as shown in the attachment below. I hope it helps!

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    Hi lampard.

    It appears this is a different comparison format from other sites I have seen - not quite the detail I would expect. It will have to do.
    Thanks for the response.