TomTom Multisport Cardio Speed & Cadence Sensor Connectivity Issues

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Good morning,

I am an avid cyclist and sports enthusiast - hiking and swimming you name it. I have recently experienced the following RECURRING issues on my Multisport Cardio:

Purchased: October 2016
Software Version: 1.8.52
Sport Preference: Cycling. (Not much of a runner etc.)


I have recently experienced the situation where if I pause an activity for no more than 15 minutes and then resume the activity, the device to loses connection to the Speed and Cadence Sensor on my bike as well as the Heart Rate Strap around my chest. I try and "wake-up" the sensor by turning the crank, however, the cadence and heart rate values remain "frozen" with the last remaining measured value for heart rate is displayed on the Multisport screen for the remainder of the activity. Cadence just shows 0 rpm for the rest of the activity.


The second issue that I have recently experienced during a sportive is where the Multisport has successfully connected to both the Speed and Cadence Sensor and Heart Rate Strap before the activity and all values are being displayed correctly once the activity has begun. The Multisport THEN loses connection to BOTH the Heart Rate Strap and Speed and Cadence Sensor at the same time during the activity. NOTE: No activity has been paused.

After my event, I checked my data and realized the "freeze" occurred approximately 2 minutes into a race that lasted 4 hours (it was a cycle of 124 km). To put it into percentage terms, I had to ride without crucial cycle data for 99.2 % of the race!

1. Has anyone had any similar connectivity issues where the sensors connect BUT then disconnected randomly? Any hacks/solutions perhaps?
2. Has anyone tried anything to remedy this? Factory reset?
3. Has anyone taking any precautions to avoid the likelihood of this failure occurring? (I don't know I'm rather desperate if I'm asking this question I guess..)
4. Should I consult the Warranty Dept and attempt to replace the whole device?

I thoroughly looking forward to finding a solution to the above problems. Truly.

Not all Heroes wear Capes - and now I need one of you!

Thank you greatly in advance.




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    I have exactly the same issues as described by Nick. At best the cadence sensor is a bit of a hit and miss affair. I don't even bother using it anymore. My HR is more important and losing that connection during a ride (no pausing) is a real problem.
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    I’ve been having the exact same as the first issue you described recently, even when pausing for a few minutes and staying with my bike/sensors. As long as I keep going, all seems fine. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to find a solution yet.

    Would be great is someone knows a fix.