Bad routing in Italie with TomTom Go Mobile

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I used my TomTom Go Mobile for routing in North Italie and have to say that I'm really dissapointed in the way it plans the routes. When I came in through Austria with the caravan, it guided me on te very small and bad conditioned secondairy roads, which posed a real challenge. I know it has no Caravan setting but still.
Yesterday when we visited Venice and drove over there from Lake Garza, it put me on a small gravel road with large dents in it making me have to drive 10km/h to prevent my suspension from breaking down.
I have TomTom set on "fastest routes" and no limitations on toll roads, etc. I really do not understand why it directs me onto these bad gravel roads.

I navigated the route back from Venice to Lake Garda with Google Maps and was directed on highways and good secondairy roads, no problems at all.


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    Hi JvdW,

    Welcome to the Community!

    I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience with GO Mobile! Routing problems are often related to map data and you can report them directly to our map team with the MapShare Reporter. The following video gets you started:
    Table of contents for the video

    • Logging in: 0" 30'
    • Speed cameras: 1" 00'
    • Report status': 2" 10'
    • Missing street: 2" 20'
    • Speed limit: 3" 05'

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Hi Mikko, here: it was stated that this is a well-known issue, and they are already working on this. From that topic, it does not seem to be map related, but more routing algorithm related. In that case I'm not sure reporting individual errors using the MSR is the right way.
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    Without a precise start and destination no one can check a route.
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    Hi Megalos,

    Routing algorithm is of course also a factor. It's mostly quite hard to say. In case it wouldn't be a map issue the map team can forward reports to the relevant team for further investigation. Of course Customer Service is also one channel where these can be reported for further investigation.

    Cheers, Mikko
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    Did you set the App to avoid gravel roads?

    If not, that's probably the reason :)