Garmin "Favorites" to Tomtom Go 6200

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I want to move the Favorites on my old Garmin 465 to my new Go 6200. Can anybody tell me how to do this?


  • Niall
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    On your Garmin
    "In order to back up your Favorites:

    1.Using a USB data cable, plug the device into a computer
    2.Double-click the My Computer icon (Mac users can skip this step)
    3.Double-click the nuvi drive (Mac users can find this on their desktop)
    4.Double-click the Garmin folder1
    5.Double-click the GPX folder
    6.Copy the current.gpx file
    7.Paste this file to another location on your computer

    You then need to convert the .gpx file to something like _Favourites.ov2 with a conversion program like POIEdit

    Then follow this video on how to import POIs to your GO 6200
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