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The old device MUST still be working and in your possession; otherwise contact customer services and they will do it from their end.
See How to: Contact support or Support phone numbers

You need the device attached if you are changing the email address as it writes it back to the device.
To change the ownership of a device, or swap an old device out so as to keep your original email for your newly purchased replacement:-
  1. with the old device connected login to MyTomTom and select "account details" ( )
  2. Enter your current password (if requested)
  3. Click "Change username" and enter a different email address (twice) and save
  4. Click "change password" (optional) and save if changed
  5. Click "change personal details" (optional) and save if changed
  6. Click on "Log out"
  7. Disconnect the old device
  8. Connect the new device
  9. Move the mouse over the TomTom logo and then point at and click on "Log in"
  10. Select "Account details" and log back in with your original email and password
  11. In the panel "Connected device is not linked to this account" click on "> Link the connected device to this account" and follow the advice on the screen.

Then check for updates; doing the software first, followed by the maps, then the speed cams (NOT all at once :D )

This procedure does not transfer any the information from the old one to the newer one. So if selling remember to clear all personal details from the old device, like Home, Favourites, Recent destinations, My places, My Routes, etc.

If a person is selling the device (or giving it away), by using the new users email address you have the key for a successful exchange as you can send the device and only send the password when it has arrived and the payment has cleared.
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    Great stuff, Niall!

    Once we go live with these, you might add a link from your original FAQs to the KB articles.

    Cheers, Mikko
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