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Summary Wrong?

Strike4thStrike4th Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
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I've been using Curfer for about a week now, and only on local roads I know well so my scores have been very high. Still, I can't understand the summary I've been given today.

The Summary Score I'm being shown is:
Acceleration 100
Braking 82
Cornering 70
Idling 100
Overall 88

Where on earth is that coming from? EVERY day I'm getting 90s or 100 as the overall score. It looks like the lowest scores I've ever got, but it's not even that.

I don't want to copy out all the stats, so just to give Breaking as an example as I usually get 100 on that Here is ALL recorded stats:

82 (1.3 miles) - First day of use.
100 (3.6)
100 (1.5)
100 (10.4)
100 (2.1)
100 (1.3)
100 (1.4)
100 (1.3)
100 (1.4)
100 (14.5)
100 (1.3) - Today
100 (1.4) - Today

Always 100 apart from first day as it's on local roads i know very well.
If you were to tell me the summary score was only going to show the lowest score you go, 82 would make sense, but then why am I getting Idling 100 when I often get lower than that?


  • 69er69er Posts: 19 [Renowned Trailblazer]
    It's the cornering score of 70 / 100 that's knocked your overall score. Are you saying that the "trip" is 1.3 miles long? If "yes" then I would say that's the reason. On a longer trip your scores have a chance of recovery. You probably took one corner a bit harshly and because the trip is so short it's hammered the overall score. :)
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