VIA 52-No maps found

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After an upload, I get "No Maps Available". and the message Reinstall a map you already own or go to the TomTom shop to by a map.

On accepting the "OK" option, I go straight back to the same prompt.

Less than a week old, I'm somewhat cheesed off that this piece of kit is U/S: I don't have time to contact support; 0900hrs - 1700hrs Monday to Friday, as they are not in the real world. I'm driving all day.

Working for a major logistics company, I was advised to buy a cheaper SAT NAV. However, my wife bought me the VIA 52 on advice from Halfords. That makes two companies that I'll not be recommending to anyone.

To make my wife feel less guilty, can anyone recommend the fix for this, now, well published anomaly?