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Cannot log in to Smart Media System (2nd hand Smart Car)

NigelB1706NigelB1706 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
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This is a 2015 second hand Smart car. (i.e. I had to reset the device to clear the previous email, I could not overwrite/update !)
I have now been trying to sign in to my Smart car Smart media system since early June. I logged a support call and after 3 weeks, 2 support people many resets and 3 accounts, cannot still sign in ("username or password incorrect") to my TomTom account in the car ! The website shows the serial number against my account.
Live traffic and everything else seems to be working ok, i.e. connecting to phone etc.
When I logged in I get notification that the device is linked to my account, but this makes no difference ! TomTom have told me that it is linked (although right now I have deleted all serial numbers from accounts)

TomTom again got back to me on Friday and suggest I talk to Mercedes as they are saying it is their issue, but Mercedes seem unable to answer the issue either, well they have not got back to me yet !
I believe this is a Tomtom support issues, but extremely disappointed with level of service so far.
I have asked them to refer to 2nd/3rd line support & how I log a complaint, but this is going now-where either.

It is a shame that it is a built in piece of kit otherwise it would have been removed by now.

Can anyone help me, I have tried pretty much most things (including 3 email accounts) ?
Has anyone seen the issue ?
Is it hardware/software ?

A really frustrated TomTom user.


  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,010
    Apparently the new MyDrive Connect update also should fix this issue (hopefully).
  • NigelB1706NigelB1706 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    Hi Zsolt,
    I did finally get this sorted and after weeks of chasing Mercedes & Tomtom, the email address is not required if it has already been activated.

    On your note, this is not working for me and has made things worse. I cannot update at all now as it won't connect !! Worryingly I bought years worth of maps :-(
    After upgrading from v3089 to 3229, my laptop (Samsung NC10 , because no other laptop works) is now not recognising the the SD card and not connecting. (Smart Media System).
    I am sure there is an issue with the software as I uninstalled the version, found the older 3089 from a previous download. This then connected immediately to my SD card, however then insisted on upgrading and now it says that the card is corrupt and needs to be restored.
    This is not working and no way to downgrade and can't get it to work on any laptop.
    Does v3229 work for anyone with a smart media system ?
  • ZsoltZsolt Posts: 36,010
    One of the fix in the new version was for the issue with the Smart system.
  • NigelB1706NigelB1706 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    Finally new version tonight - 8 Aug - ! v4.1.6.3253 is working :-)
    No corruption and connects & updates too !
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