Missing detailed information about 1 run activity in android app

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Hello. After I synced my MultiSport watches with MySports app via Bluetooth I can't see detailed information about one of my activities in the MySport app: I see Summary (distance, time, energy etc., but no stats, splits, track with map), in meantime I see all the info (inc. detailed info) on the site. Is there any solution for this issue? (I already tried to reinstall the app and clear apps data).


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    Hi Fob1,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry about the delay in response!

    We've released a new version 7.0 of Sports App, can you please if it's the same with the latest app update? If so then please get in touch with our customer support and provide them with the screenshot of the missing information, phone model, Android version to investigate this further.

    You can click on the 'Contact Us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/email them. You can also submit your question/feedback in the app via Manage -> Settings -> Feedback

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    Thanks, sent my question via Contact Us.