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Hi, I have my new watch I went for the TomTom runner 2 cardio 1+ Music, I am not an avid sportsperson, i am a middle aged lady who likes going to the Gym, and swimming. In order to keep me motivated i like to know how far i have gone, I was a bit disappointed today after my cross trainer exercise (I can't run, Osteoporosis, need low impact sport) the watch recorded 0 distance in 30 mins. can anyone help me to calibrate it to show distance covered when not outside please? My Swim was counted based on a 25m pool, so I managed to put that right, I found changing the pool size eventually, I just don't know how to calibrate the steps x


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    It is not going to work well on a cross-trainer, as there is no mode for it or standards for distance covered. Unlike a treadmill, where there is a direct correlation between arm swings, steps and distance (steps x stride length), this is not the case on a cross-trainer, as it is not an equivalent motion to running. My suggestion would be to use it in treadmill mode and at the end when prompted to adjust the distance, put in whatever the cross trainer recorded. It will update the recorded distance and pace in the history and when you upload it. be aware the calories will be incorrect as it is using METs tables for running, not HR (METs are standard energy expenditure calculations for running at various paces). This is so that even those not using HR can still get a calorie count.

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    Thank you, that makes sense. I always take the Calories with a pinch of salt anyway, I concentrate on distance, trying to increase the distance within the same time frame. In other applications, I have just been able to enter a counted number of steps over a measured distance. This does not appear to be an option with this tomtom watch, although it is an option in the swimming function. I will try it tomorrow.