Rider 450 Bluetooth connection with iPHONE 7

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I bought last week rider 450, version 17.100.0022.311.
It's imposible to mantain the bluetooth connection with my iPhone 7, updated. continuously it's connecting and disconnecting.
What can i do to solve it?


  • VikramK
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    Hi Agetro73,

    Welcome to the community:)

    I would advise you to connect your device to MyDrive Connect the update the latest application v17.2.

    Then pair your phone again and test the connection. If you find the that the same problem persists then please report this to the customer service.

  • Agetro73
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    Thanks VikramK,
    I use MacOsX Sierra, and Safari is updated.
    i´ve seen this reference: https://en.discussions.tomtom.com/go-5xxx-6xxx-series-go-4xx-6xx-series-go-via-and-start-4x-6x-series-mydrive-connect-176/go-50-and-iphone-7-connection-1018410/index1.html#post1172141
    , but it doesn't work for me...
    I think TomTom with Apple have a serious problem... i am going to return the product.
  • Ste7ios
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    It seems that iPhone 7 has many problems with its Bluetooth. There are many reports about connectivity problems on Apple Discussions, and other forums. There are also some workarounds you may try.

    To take an idea: https://www.itipbox.com/fix-iphone-bluetooth-issues/

    Google it...

    Although it seems that it's Apple's fault, it will be good if TomTom cooperate with them to fix it. It hurts them too, they shouldn't ignore it...
  • Agetro73
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    Thanks Ste7ios!!!
    I´ve done all of them, except number 5 (Contact Apple Support for help).
    Some of the solutions worked partially... for example, I restored my iphone, but in a few minutes, when i power off and on the TT, the problem showed it again.

    Do you think it is an iphone problem?


  • Ste7ios
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    TomTom indeed has problems with their BlueTooth stack but this one seems to be at the Apple side, probably with iOS 10.3 or 10.3.1 & later...

    IMHO, it's good to contact with Apple support too. Everyone who has a problem with their Bluetooth must do it. Not only Apple users but Android, and all... It's a way to wake them, to make sense of size of the problem.

    Bluetooth stacks are a mess... All Bluetooth makers should work together more closely to solve a lot of problems...
  • Ste7ios
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    iOS 10.3.3 is out. Try it and let us know if there is any change w/BT connectivity...
  • TomValckx
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    I have the same problem for one of our phones.

    We have 2 equally iPhone 7's. Mine works perfect, my wife's continuously connects and disconnects.

    2 weeks ago I returned the iPhone to the shop as it is still under warranty. After 2 weeks I got it back, mentioning there was no problem found.

    Also I can say that the phone with the problem does stay connected to the cars bluetooth, so I don't think the phone is the problem.

    But at the other hand, my phone has no problem with the tomtom connection so in that way I also can't tell that the TomTom is the problem.

    Either way, with one of the two phones it doesn't work, so that means that if my wife has the car to pick me up at work on friday...I have a big chance of waiting for an hour if she is in the traffic jam due to a not working Tomtom live traffic. Hope it will work someday...

  • Jorid
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    Hi. I'm having the same problem with my TomTomRider 410 and a iPhone 6.
    Before it worked well with the telefone connection but today I first saw the phenomena.
    Trying to solve it.Maybe an update issue? Bug in the new firmware update?!
    The application version on my system 17.200.0011.311(0) (25-06-2017)
  • fredaroony2
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    Mine does this when the phone doesn't have reception. I ride in some remote areas and if I start the trip with reception it's fine but if I switch the bike off and the Rider connects to the phone with no reception you get this message constantly until you get reception again.

    It's super annoying to have that flashing for a long time in front of you
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    I've got the same problem. But I had wifi connections to an internet router. but TT does the same. Only 4G data connection is working with the BT connection share?