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GO Mobile on LG G6 and Samsung S8



  • QunaraiQunarai Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    I have the same issue. But on my S8 it opens the first time and works fine untill I close the app or switch to any other app. Then it wont startup untill I force stop the app.
  • Nbphil2Nbphil2 Posts: 8 [Legendary Explorer]
    Well to answer my own query it does work on an LG G6. I took the plunge on Friday and upgraded to one from EE and it works perfectly. I suppose I should remember that no news is good news so that if it didn't work then there would people on here complaining about it. But you can see my reason for concern as there are people having trouble with the S8.
  • QunaraiQunarai Posts: 7 [Master Explorer]
    Well the app was working just fine on the S8 untill the last update. I was starting to get the issues. Also Waze/google maps are working without any problems. Besides tomtom GO I have no problems with my S8.
  • maurice69gsm_un44maurice69gsm_un44 Posts: 3 [Apprentice Traveler]
    Installed the program on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Note8/SM-N950F). Unfortunately it didn't worked. Also had the "Loading" screen.

    Worked my way through the "remove program", "clear cache" but that didn't work.

    Removed the program, installed version 1.14 as described above did the trick. Now started and I could download the Benelux version (NL User at the keyboard overhere).

    Hope it wil continue to work! And I need to recover my account since I can't make it with the 75km trial ;-)
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