Different stats from the same run in TomTom Sports than in Endomondo

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Does anybody spot this strange behavior?
I see different times at laps in the TomTom Mysports website than in the Endomondo for the same run.
Who cannot do the simple math properly? (I cannot get the ttbin, because I've uploaded it via the phone and it's gone already.)

km Endomondo Tomtom
1 05:56 05:52
2 06:02 05:56
3 06:01 05:59
4 06:19 06:19
5 05:38 05:37
6 06:13 06:08
7 06:16 06:15
8 06:24 06:11
9 06:28 06:22
10 06:15 06:17
11 06:15 06:08
12 06:29 06:21 auto pause at 11,39km 1:09:56-59
13 06:24 06:25
14 06:30 06:26
15 06:32 06:25

avg pace 06:14 06:13
distance 15,67 15,67
avg HR 162 163
max HR 174 174
steps 15444
duration 01:37:39 01:37:39


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    Every site or platform has a different way of handling the data it imports. Some take the data as is while others reprocess it and apply their own calculations and smoothing algorithms to it. This second instance will result in discrepancies between the watch and the site, causing issues like you are seeing. Endomondo is going through the data, throwing out GPS data it considers inaccurate, applying its own smoothing algorithms and coming up with a slightly different result. All the data file is is a list of GPS points, some of which may overlap or be off your actual route (GPS is only accurate to within 20-30m, so one point could be behind the one before it), it is not a set route, so every platform applies their own calculations to it. I would not consider the examples shown above to be material discrepancies (and are actually closer than other sites, particularly Strava).

    I hope this helped answer your question. If so, please mark it as a solution so others can look for it if they have the same question.