Spark 3 stuck on battery charging screen.

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Hi all.

I upgraded to a Spark 3 last week and have had no end of problems.
It has never managed to get a GPS fix. Even after successful synchronisation with Sports Connect it still shows that the quick GPS function is out of date.
On a couple of occasions I have left it on the 'please wait' screen, repeatedly, until it times out after around 15 minutes. I have even done this on top of a hill with a clear view of the sky for around an hour. Still nothing.
The only thing that seemed to work on it was the pedometer.

After reading various forums, a factory reset was suggested. I did this via the Sports Connect application. Ever since then the watch has been stuck on the 'battery charging' screen. It has now been unplugged for well over half an hour and all I have is the battery logo.
A further factory reset has made no difference.

Does anyone have any ideas of anything else I can try before sending the thing back?

Cheers! :)