TomTom Sports Website is Inaccurate and some Feature Requests

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Hi. I have had my Spark 3 for a couple of weeks now and overall, I love it. The biggest issue is not with the watch, but with the website. Some issues:

1) I'm told my "fastest 5K" is a 5:18 pace, but I have since run a 6K at 4:48 pace (and I checked, the pace of the first 5K was faster than 5:18). Why has the "Fastest 5K" badge not moved to the more recent run?

2) Occasionally, the split data is incorrect while swimming (ie: incorrect number of laps) or any activity if I forget to end the workout manually. I wish I could edit the splits and not just edit the summary. This is more of a feature request, although it's lower priority than #4 below.

3) The "All Sports" "Active Time" goal is never accurate. It often only lists the time of the most recent sports activity and not the sum of the durations of the full set of activities within the goal period (one week). If I look at the Progress view for One Week, the All Sports "Active Time" is accurate, but the goal on the "Latest" page never reflects that accurate time. This seems like a bug.

4) It is very limiting that I cannot set multiple sports goals. I would *love* to be able to have an "Active Time" goal _and_ a number of activities goal _and_ a distance goal for "All Sports". I would also like to have individual sports goals _in addition_ to the "All Sports" goals. Having only one sports goal is very, very limiting. This is my top feature request. Highest priority.

5) I would also really like to have heart rate related goals. X minutes in "fat burn" and Y minutes at or above "cardio" would be two goals I'd love in addition to the Sports goals.

6) I *love* when my watch buzzes to tell me I've hit my steps count goal for the day. I would love if it also buzzed when I hit a weekly Sports goal (maybe it does but because of my bug #3, my watch never thinks I hit my goal??). This would be particularly motivating if I had multiple Sports goals per my feature request #4.

Overall I love the watch but bug #1 and bug #3 are disheartening instead of motivating and I really, really would love features #4, #5 and #6.



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    I would like the following.

    1) Silent alarm, at the moment it beeps and buzzes which wakes my wife up at 5:50am.

    2) The ability to set up multiple interval training programs, then be able to select them. At the moment I have to edit them all the time.

    3) When you check your total, steps, calories, km, hours on the watch. It's a novelty to watch the numbers count up the first few times, but after that it is just a pain. I want to know that information now. Not in 5 seconds time.

    4) When doing interval training. During the rest it shows you rest 1, and the time to rest for, then it goes back to how many lengths I've swam, then it shows work 2. But if you set off while it is showing work 2 it doesn't count the length properly you have to wait until it goes back to the black screen that shows the lengths. It would be better if it just showed a rest count down so you know how long you have left to rest.

    5) When doing intervals, it would be nice to have a rest between the warm up and the first set.

    6) When doing intervals in the pool, when you are doing your rest, it doesn't pause the timer, so the length you have the rest on includes the time of the rest. That might be good for overall swim time, but not if you are looking at how long it takes to do each length.

    7) The sleep tracking is inaccurate as it doesn't register sleep until you have been inactive for 30 mins. If I fall asleep in 10 mins, and get up for the toilet in the middle of the night then I've lost 50 mins of sleep, as it has to wait 30 mins again to check if I went back to sleep.

    8) If I catch up with someone in the pool, and have to slow down or change stroke towards the end of the pool, or I set off slightly before the rest has finished it messes up the lap counting. The software should be intelligent enough to realise that I can't do another 25m in 17 seconds when all my other lengths are nearer 30 seconds.
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    Hi, Regarding (1). The 6km run does not qualify for the 'Fastest 5km' award because it is 6km. It will fall into another award category (not sure of the exact names sorry, something like 'Fastest short run', 'Fastest long run' etc.). However you need to have a certain number of workouts in an award category before it will be displayed.

    Regarding (3), this looks like a bug and I have raised a ticket against the web site.