Runs to Runkeeper, bike rides to Strava, swims to myself

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Hi! I just bought de Runner 3 watch, and I set it up so it could export to (I thought) either Runkeeper or Strava. But when testing the watch, in the blink of an eye it uploaded a 30 seconds test activity to both websites. I'd love to export my runs to Runkeeper and my bike rides to Strava (I'd like to keep these two apart, for some social reasons). Is that possible? Can I choose which type of activity go to which third party site? Furthermore, I'd like to do swims with the watch, but I don't want it to upload it directly to either one of the websites.

Can you upload them manually, or per type of activity? Thanks!


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    What you want cannot be done. When you set up a site to export to, all activities are uploaded, you cannot specify activities of a given type go to a specific site (i don't know of any watches or services that do this). You can go into the App & Exporting tab and pause one or the other before uploading which will control the uploads but you will need to do it every time. Alternatively, you can upload to all and just go in and delete the ones you don't want (or just leave them private on Strava or RK so no one else sees them). Finally you can upload none and instead create fit files which you can manually upload to the site of your choosing. For this you will need to sync by PC in order to have the files created or go into the activity on MySports and download the fit files if you sync by phone.

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