Spark: How to Connect and Sync to Runkeeper Automatically?

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There are some confusing and misleading responses posted on the forum. Here's all that you need to do to get it working automatically...

1. Install TomTom Sports App on your iOS or Android.
2. Open a browser and login to TomTom Sports and Enable "+Runkeeper" to automatically sync with your TomTom Sports account. Here's the link to add "+ Runkeeper":
3. PRESTO!. All runs will automatically be visible in Runkeeper (any Runkeeper including web/browser/app) in approx 1 minute once you've syncing your TomTom Spark with your watch.

That's it. Very simple.
Nothing needs to be plugged in to do this. Everything is done wirelessly through Bluetooth from the Spark to the Phone. Your TomTom Sport account syncs with your Runkeeper Account through the cloud. See image for diagram.


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