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I recently purchased the TomTomSpark 3 Sports Watch with Cardio. The watch has Track Settings turned off. I googled how to turn it on. I understand it's not a On/Off toggle feature and that I had to set a new goal, select Right, then the Tracker would be turned on when I went back to the left. This is not the case for me. How do I get the Tracker on and then get notified when I meet my goal, i.e. reaching 10,000 steps in a day. I'm pretty technically savvy but this is stumping me. All my sensors are set to on and I do have goals set for Steps, Time, Calories, Distance.


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    You can't have goals set for Steps, Time, Calories and Distance, you can only set one goal and as soon as you set another you cancel the first. if you want steps, go to Tracker>Goals>Steps, set the step number and press right. If you then go into another goal you are just cancelling the step goal.

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