Camera not so waterproof?

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I recently purchased my camera for a holiday. I have used it in the pool and it is letting in water both at the back and the front even with the waterproof dive Lens. I do not understand why this is happening? The dive lens has water droplets on the inside and there are water droplets in the usb back bit and I have made sure it is dry before taking it out. Can anyome advise what to do?
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    Hi Yaz,

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    Please make sure your bandit is completely dry before removing the Batt Stick from the compartment, including underneath the rubber flap. There were similar reports in the past but we found in their case it was water running down the batt stick as it was being removed.

    If the Bandit still has water inside even when it is completely dry then please contact customer care for assistance, they'll be able to help you further in this case. Also, please verify that the lens you used is the Black Dive Lens and not the standard White one that comes fitted to the Bandit.

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