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Strap replacement for SPARK cardio + HR, what is wrong with TOMTOM ?



  • xowerxower Posts: 4 [Master Traveler]
    Yes, you might. If you are willing to pay $47 for a piece of silicone.

    My experience with Runner 3 strap: Bought the watch in the end of september 2016. Strap broke in the beginning of march 2017. Lifetime 5 months.

    I called the support - they were very helpful and sent the replacement asap. So far so good. BUT, I ordered large size and got a small size replacement. Ok, a mistake can happen.
    Called support second time and got a second replacement scheduled.... and got a small one again!
    For the third time I got an answer, that there are no large straps (green/black) for runner 3 available, but I can get a black one if I'm OK with that. No problem. But the strap I recieved was the old model for the Runner 2.... It fits the watch, but it's bulkier and less comfortable....

    So far I'm quite happy with the watch, but the strap situation is definitely very frustrating.
    And to pay $30 for a piece of plastic which will last you nothing more than a couple of months is a steal.
  • dpelchatdpelchat Posts: 48 [Prominent Wayfarer]
    Again your mileage may vary but... my first strap lasted about 14 months. I called Customer Service and got a free replacement strap delivered the next day. I was offered an Adventurer strap but declined since I didn't know what it looked like at the time (argghhh!). I agree there is a defect with the straps but I'd try explaining this to CS and get it for free!
  • walainewalaine Posts: 1 [Apprentice Traveler]
    I have a Spark Cardio + Music purchased in January 2015. I am now on strap #3 and it looks like they only last 6 months as I just noticed that the 2nd replacement strap is starting to rip. Love this watch and had a fitbit previously but as noted by others, I find it crazy that I need to replace so frequently. What is interesting is that all 3 straps have been defective in different places. Need to look at quality issues!!
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