Topics marked as "Answered" by Moderators

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Some may have noticed that more threads are being marked as answered / solved.
This is particularly happening when the topic is transferred from the "Ask a question" board to it's final relevant board.
I have found out Moderators do this "if the original poster hasn't marked it him/herself within some time and there is a plausible answer/solution in one of the comments" as "that topics with marked answers score better in online searches (SEO) therefore helping people with a similar question find an answer easier."

If you, as the originator of a question, feel that what has been marked as a solution is not, use the flag symbol97fbfac3-4e57-4830-94bd-8056041777c3.jpg on the entry that has been marked as the "Answer" to explain to the moderators why it is not the answer


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    Hi Niall,

    Thanks for reiterating this here and sharing your useful tip! :D

    Cheers, Mikko