Thrilling route too long: The distance between your way points needs to be less then 300Mi (500Km)

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On my computer i get this notification all the time.
Even when i make 7 stops on a trip from 1200Km, i still can’t calculate a thrilling route. 9ced96e7-af86-4997-9b84-4f9bdbb60498.jpg

Thx for the help.

Greetings Max


  • Niall
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    Sorry to say but it is that the total distance between start and end point that must not exceed 300 miles (500 Km) so you will have to split your proposed 1200km trip into at least 3 parts
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    Then why do they call it Waypoints.
    My mother language is Dutch, but a waypoint is not a start and/ore ending point.
    And this notification has the same meaning in Dutch or english.

    Anyway, thx for your reply

    Greetings Max
  • DanielForniesSoria
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    Hi Maxke73!
    The limit is based on the accumulated straight distances between all waypoints, where a waypoint includes also start and end points. I understand there is usually some naming confusion with terms such as start/end points, waypoints, stops, etc. If you believe waypoints as a term should not include start and end points, we can take your feedback into account and trigger a discussion internally.

    The thrilling distance limit is due to the thrilling mode being way more complex to calculate for longer trips than e.g. fastest.

    FYI: we recently raised the thrill limit to 1000km or 600 miles.

    If that is still not enough for you, we suggest you to either:
    - plan 2-3 connecting THRILLING routes separately.
    - use a combination of FASTEST and drag&drop, which allows you to control exactly where the route line goes through.

    You also can now save your routes in My Routes including all the planning criteria, so you can re-edit them later.
    Hope this helps!

    MyDrive Web Team.
  • Maxke73
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    First off all, thanks for upgrading to 1000Km, it really helps a lot.
    And the notification is (I think) for most people confusing.
    I am sure it would be more easy if you name it a start and endpoint.
    Like that you can still decide how many waypoints you include.
    I always start with a beginning and endpoint. After that, I start
    selecting my waypoints.
    If I should do it the other way around, then it would be more clear to me
    that after (for example) my 3th waypoint, that I get this notification.
    Like that, it’s more clearer that the total distance is the problem.

    I hope you understand, what I try to say.

    Thx, and keep up the good work.


  • Norway1000
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    My unit tells me the route is too short......while I understand it's too long. Don't really understand why though.
  • NMM
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    It is confusing. To me waypoints are not satrt/end, but just the in-between points.
    If 1000km is too much (i can understand the computational requirements), i suggest maybe -- internally -- to:
    • ]ompute the fastest route between start and endpoint (>1000km)
    • split into 1000km routes
    • chose the closest point that matches criteria (no motorways, no tolls) close to the spli point
    • recalculate between each leg according to criteria
    • add them all toghether

    It's hackish, maybe impractical.

    While it's doable to split a long trip into smaller ones, i'm left guessing if the start/stop points i choose are actually the most efficient.
  • DanielForniesSoria
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    Hi all,
    When you plan such long routes, do you really want them to be thrilling (curvy) all through, or only some sections?
    Best Regards,