Bandit Camera not turning on

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I've seen this one other place - someone complained their bandit wouldn't turn on new from the box, I got the battery charged up, and tried to turn it on: tried pressing two seconds, and fifteen for the full reboot, nothing happened. What I saw elsewhere was a bad battery, but I don't know how to isolate the issue.


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    I have also developed this problem today, although I have been using my camera for about an hour a day (my commute on motorbike) for 15 months or so.

    I have contacted TomTom customer service via the warranty page and I assume that the batt stick is covered by the 2 year warranty. I'll be more than a little upset if it isn't as it's not just a battery battery - it's the sd card reader etc as well making it quite complex and unnecessarily expensive.

    Customer service was very good at issuing the little device to stop unwanted rotation etc when first released so I'm hoping they'll be just as helpful this time.