Bandit GPS Infos are missing Heading in EXIF

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The pictures taken with the bandit contain the correct GPS Infos for longitude and lattitude, but they miss the heading or direction.

When I take a picture with e.g. an iPhone the EXIF data contain GPSImgDirection (and some more).
On the bandit these infos are missing.

Using the Bandit for mapping is not possible.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is the feature missing?
If yes, is the feature planned for the future?


  • lampard
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    Hi mischl7,

    Welcome to the Community & sorry about the delay in response!

    The GPS signal on Bandit Camera is used to determine certain metrics such as speed. However, You can export the GPS data ( .GPX/.KML) from your videos using the TomTom Bandit Studio.Once you install the Studio software, import the Bandit videos and simply right-click on the video and choose Export GPS data.

    As the camera does save location information, I'll forward your feedback as an improvement request to the product team. :)

  • mischl7
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    Hi lampard,

    thanks for your answer.
    I was a bit unclear in my post. I was talking about the Series-Photo function, not the video funcion.

    The JPGs created with that mode contain in their EXIF data the GPX coordinated, but not heading (GPSImgDirection).
    This would be useful for putting the images on a map (with the direction).