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I'm the proud owner of a TomTom 400 Rider and been tinkering around with Tyre.

First, I tried importing GPX-files saved on a MicroSD card and the device froze i.e. it literally kept importing for hours. Then I tried importing just one small GPX-file but again the device froze i.e. kept importing.

Out of frustration I touched the arrow in the upper right corner and found that the route was actually imported.. but after searching the internet, most users simply imported routes without any problem and therefore decided to reset the device back to it's original state using "Reset device". Afterward, importing GPX files wasn't a problem at all.

However, I've noticed I can only import GPX files from the MicroSD card when the device is connected to my PC/Notebook!!!

Because of this I'm unable to load up the MicroSD card with GPX files and import them when or where ever I am on the road. This is not very user friendly at all and it would be great if I can access the MicroSD card using the device without having to connect it to a PC/Notebook.

Is there a way to access the MicroSD card without usage or access to a PC/Laptop?

Much obliged..


I know I could just import all GPX-files at once, but I have lots of routes and the device doesn't have a way to categorize these routes in folders i.e. creating folders and naming them "Alpine Routes", "Germany", "France", "Belgium" etc.

I circumvent this problem by naming my file "DE-Berlin-Wolfsburg-CW", "DE-Berlin-Wolfsburg-CCW" or "BE-Antwerp-NL-Amsterdam" ***

*** (CW and CCW stands for "ClockWise" and Counter ClockWise, since most of my routes involve riding roundtrips and the TomTom Rider 400 doesn't have a way to change direction. The last example is a trip from Antwerp in Belgium to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. A route going back would logically be named "NL-Amsterdam-BE-Antwerp")

If I'm in Germany, there is no need to have routes other then routes for Germany on the device and so, importing all routes, and I have literally hundreds, is not user friendly either, because I'd be scrolling and scrolling to find the routes I can or want to ride.

However, if the device allowed it's users to create folders on the device or just make the device read the data from the MicroSD card, without having to imports routes to the device, I'd be able to create folders on the MicroSD card and manage my routes much more effectively than I can do now on the device.


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    I've found a solution to my problem.

    I simply eject the MicroSD card and inserted it back into the device and ... I can import the GPX files without having to connect it to a PC/Notebook. :D
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    I would agree that the option for folders on the 400 would be very helpful as I ride solo and with two other separate groups who have there own ride routes some of which are very similar to each other.
    The point about transferring from the main memory to the msd card is a very good point as only this evening I tried to transfer some photos on my mobile and found that I had to use a computer to undertake the transfer.
    This leads me to another Beef and the lack of edit options in the myplaces menu, currently restricted to time/date or delete which confirms my belief that part of the 400 software has basic camera and mobile software embedded in it.

    Why does TT appear to be so reluctant to make these minor changes like those above and also to allow the planning on the unit via a series of way points in list form

    So come on TT how about listening to your customers and there concerns and requirements and acting upon it instead of releasing map update that do not work properly.
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    TomTom came out with the Rider 450? .... I've bought the Rider 400 one month ago! Just my luck. :(
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