Heart Rate Monitor is not connecting with Motorola G Android 6

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I was trying to connect my bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor with Motorola Moto G3 to use it with Endomondo app because my multi sport watch doesn't cover all sports I do. When I choose HRM from the list on the phone, I receive info that connection has been rejected by the Heart Rate Monitor. Android version 6.0.1

Please help


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    The watch will not connect to phones or other devices as a GR monitor. It is a receiver only, not a transmitter, collecting data within the device, not transmitting a data stream in real time. If you are referring to an HR strap, check that the battery is fresh and you have it wet and activated. If it is a standard BT+ strap it should easily connect to a phone.

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    Proviously I used this HR strap monitor with Nokia Lumia phones and I havn't got any problems to pair those devices. I tried with two phones moto g 3rd gen, and always the message on the phone is that connection has been not accepted by the HR monitor
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