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Hi guys, I've had my Tom Tom bandit for a couple of months now and I'm really starting to get annoyed with having no sound on my videos because all I can hear is the wind!

I've read up that the camera was supposed to come with a 'goatee' as Tom Tom call it but this wasn't the case. I've looked in my box but nothing was there so does it not come as part of the Base package? Seems silly as you can't purchase one from the website?

I know GoPro have a piece of wool or foam to mask the noise on theirs. It's for a motorcycle as well so moving at 70mph with wind makes it sound like I'm under a lorry ?

Any help is appreciated ?


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    There was one in the box with mine, its quite small and was not immediately obvious to me what it was for!
    The supplied one is just a piece of fluff, so am sure one for another action camera would be fine.

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    Rod, UK
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    Hi Madbaskey2007,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Please contact our customer support and they'll be able to send you the 'goatee' to cover the mic on your Bandit Camera. You can click on 'Contact us' option at the bottom of this page to Phone/Email them.

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    I wouldn't bother with the goatee if you're filming from a motorbike. Other users have reported that, apart from low-speed riding, it doesn't help much at all. In fact, my goatee came stuck to a card with the instruction "35 km/hr max". It's unclear whether they're telling us it won't work above that speed or it could come off above that speed. The Moderator might like to clear this up...?

    I use the external microphone (on the motorbike) and sit it inside my toolbox compartment - works okay, but don't expect it to replicate the throaty bass of your exhaust note :-). It does need to be well-shielded from the wind.

    Another option (one I haven't tried) is using the waterproof lens cap - if you have one. It should block out the wind noise, and some, but probably not all, of the engine noise.
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    M'biker wrote:
    It's unclear whether they're telling us it won't work above that speed or it could come off above that speed.

    I checked this with the Product team and the goatee will be effective up to speed of 35 KM/H.

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    Still sucks, as an enduro biker i don't want any loose cables on my helmet or bike.. So external mic is a no go.. And because is want to hear my bike and not myself.. :)

    The goatee fails...

    Tried to tape the lenscover so wind doesnt get in the mic doesnt work....

    TomTom can make a waterproof lens / camera but what about a noiseproof lens cap ??..

    What to do about it when you DONT want a external mic attached to your camera..

    ( still very statisfied with the cam, look better than gopro, mounting is easy and fast even with gloves.. )

    But .... i just want better sound to aproxx 70 / 80 km/h .. above that i dont care..

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    i have the same audio problem with my enduro >35 the sound is orrible. is the waterproof lens the solution? ca i see a video with a bike and the waterproof lens?
    exaple without: :(
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    "Is the waterproof lens the solution?"

    I don't think so. I took some footage from my motorbike a couple of days ago with the waterproof lens cap on. Although the sound is muffled, the engine can be heard, particularly with the volume maxed-out in post-production. However, there are strange, static-like, crackling noises that spoil the show.

    I'll post the video below. There are two lots of the same footage, the first at the default volume, and the second with the volume tweaked to maximum. Note the odd change in pitch toward the end, as I approach the stop-sign.
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    I've found in my new tomtom (bought some days ago) an adhesive "fur" cover for the mic.
    It's not the best probably with mud doing enduro, but the audio is quite good
    At 5:20 you can see some footage at ~75km/h

    the code of this fur cover il 2LBA.001.12 , it was inside my camera (if you want, i can attach a picture)
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    Thanks for the note about the camera 'beard'. I'd like to get one as it wasn't included with my bandit - must have been from stock prior to them packaging it in. Mods - how do I access one of these - the Bandit isn't even shown on the TomTom Australia website anymore as it's no longer available here... The accessories page is gone too.

    If I contact TomTom support will they be able to mail me the little beard?
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    Hi M'biker,

    Did you only swap the lens to the waterproof ones to solve the wind noise?
    The rattle you here in the audio probably comes from the camera mounts. In my case it came from the buttons you press to release the camera.

    O solved that by putting some paper btween the buttons and the camera structure adding pressure.

    Hope that helps you.

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