Paint rubbing off?

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Good evening. I got my spark +music last week and love it. However, the paint seems to be rubbing off along the bottom of the screen, and the strap is already starting to show signs of cracking near the hinge. I'm somewhat bemused by this, especially the cracking of what is an expensive replacement strap. I've inly run about 7 miles.
Should I send the whole thing back?


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    At this point I would suggest calling Customer Support to see what they can do. They are able to determine if a replacement is in order. and the straps are covered under warranty so don't buy one before talking to Customer Support. To get the number for Customer Support, go to, choose Contact at the bottom, select the service required and the product name and click Contact Customer Care and then Phone Us. It will give you the phone number for the country your account is registered under (this can be changed by clicking the flag icon in the bottom right corner of the screen).

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