Spark upgrade?

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Can I upgrade my Spark to Spark3?


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    Except for navigation, your Spark is already identical to the Spark 3. You cannot upgrade the navigation, because your Spark is missing some hardware; an electronic compass. Without a compass, the navigation can only point you in the correct direction when your moving.
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    elbo is correct, there are hardware limitations to upgrading. And in any case it would make no business sense for TT to allow this, as the Spark3 is a newer and more expensive device and if they allowed you to upgrade it would undercut the sales of the Spark3. People could go buy a cheaper Spark (new or used) and then upgrade it, so why bother to get a Spark3? The added features on the 3 are there to entice people to pay for the upgrade or buy their first TT watch. And trying to allow users to purchase upgrades would be very difficult to administer and likely more trouble than it is worth.

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