POI on Iphone, Western Europe (Yes Again)

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I have been searching the forum but it seems the past threads on POI installation seem to be closed once the fix had been put in place about a year ago.

I foolishly updated my Tom Tom ap last week when the issue with the live traffic stopped working ( didn't realise there was a known issue) . As a result i lost all my installed POI that were in my version of Tom Tom Western Europe. The file sharing option is no longer there in Itunesfor me to put them back . I have been playing about with an old ipod and managed to get the POI working on the ipod using Imazing and an older version of Western Europe and i have also deleting all new versions, however its not transferring over the POI to the iphone because the Folder is a Read Only when accessing through imazing . I have spent around 8 hours on this now and its getting ridiculous.

Could someone from Tom Tom let me know if its the end of the road or are you working on a Fix? or is there anyone else that has a solution for adding POI Files?

Thanks or any help.



  • james1508james1508 Posts: 10 [Legendary Explorer]
    This is strange, after days on and off of trying to sort this issue, the documents folder in Itune is now showing the Tom Tom Ap, this deferentially wasn't the case earlier or the past few days . The only thing i have done is log in to ICloud .

    Thanks for looking.
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