Unpredictable A-GPS update - Multisport Cardio + TomTom Sports 3.0.2 on iPhone 5s

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- The download of gps fix is unpredictable
Other data:
- Connection to smartphone works good
- Upload of workouts works perfect
- Multisport Cardio, 1.8.52
- TomTom Sports 3.0.2 Build 504, IPhone 5s

Bad example:
- I connect watch&phone, doing upload of workout data and update of gps data (it seems)
- some days later I want to do another workout. On the phone it shows not the need of download of gps data
- Anyway I connected watch&phone to be sure to get the most actual gps data, so I will not have to wait long when starting the workout
- It says "Aktuell / gerade eben" in the app, everything seems perfectly prepared for the workout
- some hours later I want to start the workout... gps fix takes long... long... and at the watch shows that gps data download is suggested (the computer symbol)

In the old app - maybe - it updated the gps data at every connection and maybe this was a bit too often?
But now I am a bit disappointed of this unpredictable gps data update. Also that it shows in the app that everything is up to date - but it definitely is not.
Connecting to the computer is no option as the software and connecting personal stuff is prohibited in my company.
No option to start the gps update manually, nowhere to see how old the actual data is, nowhere to see when it will deprecate, no option to set how often it shall update.... :-(
So one time it fixes whithin seconds :-) other time it takes many minutes :-(

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    Hi Ekkehard,

    Welcome to the Community and sorry about the delay in response!

    I would advise you to make a factory reset on your Multisports watch using the Sports connect software, you'll need a PC/laptop without restrictions to perform a reset. See the public FAQ here to do so: Resetting your watch

    Once you perform a reset, please give it a test run in outdoors, ideally in an open area without tall buildings or trees too close to where you are. Let us know the outcome!

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